Bulk Billed for Doctor Referred Patients

We provide a full NO GAP Medicare bulk billing for patients who have a Enhanced Primary Care referral from your GP. To gain this referral you will need to qualify by having a condition like Diabetes

Heel Pain

Do you limp out of bed in the morning? It improves slightly, but then worsens throughout the day?

children's feet

Every family member gets only one set of feet for life, setting up the right foundation from the beginning is critical for their futures

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Melbourne Street Podiatry Centre

Fullarton Road Podiatry Centre 


The foot/ankle complex contains 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. The average person walks 128000km in a lifetime.  If you consider this combination it is unlikely you will go through life without a lower limb problem. Too many people persist with pain when it can easily be resolved with professional help. Remember, you only get one set of irreplaceable feet which need to last a life time.

Our Adelaide Podiatry Centres are conveniently located on two of Adelaide’s premier medical streets in Melbourne Street, North Adelaide and Fullarton Road, Eastwood.

Here at our practices our North Adelaide podiatrists and Eastwood podiatrists attend to a number of conditions we treat. They range from general foot care like corns and callus to more specialised foot conditions requiring the latest technology (gait analysis, 3D scanners) and ingrown toenail surgery.

Our podiatrists can provide solutions to:
Heel and Arch Pain
Childrens Feet
Achilles/Ankle Pain
Knee Pain
Shin Pain
Ball of Foot Pain
Ingrown Toenails
Diabetic Feet
Childrens Flat Feet
Lower Back Pain
Hip Pain
Flat and High Arch Feet